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Delivering more wireless
Innovative, high-quality products and first-class development support.
Professional development support
Professional support, guidance and advice from start to success.
Embedded antenna technology
High performance and quality with robust and strong connectivity.
Markets and success stories
Proant supplies wireless connectivity to leading businesses on multiple markets, such as:
Automotive, Consumer products, Medical, Metering, Sensoring, Wireless modules and Other applications.


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Success stories

Number of antennas and licenses sold for the year 2020


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Delivering more wireless

Proant provides a wide range of embedded and external antennas, ranging from 150 MHz up to 6 GHz with a focus on wireless M2M and IoT applications.

Innovative, high-quality products paired with first-class development support and guidance ensure that Proant is the right partner for all your wireless applications, all the way from start to success.

Do you have specific requirements? Let us know. Customer specific antenna solutions is one of Proant´s core competencies.

We’re ready to create antenna solutions that meet your needs and standards. 

Proant OnBoard SMD antenna for robust wireless connectivity

Professional development support

Proant offers professional support, guidance and advice throughout your development process. Our RF engineers and project managers are there for you all the way from start to success.

• Advise on antenna choice and placement.
• Review of your design from the antenna perspective.
– Advice on optimized component and antenna placement.
– Encapsulation effects on antenna performance.
– Detailed reviews of the PCB (Gerber review).

• Frequency tuning and radiation measurement of your device’s antenna.
• Development of customized antenna solution.

Embedded antenna technology

Proant’s range of embedded antennas offers high quality and high performance as well as effective producibility and cost effectiveness. The OnBoard SMD and Niche series provide robust and strong connectivity, giving designers freedom to create state of the art devices.

OnBoard SMD Series

The OnBoard™ SMD antenna is a surface mounted sheet metal antennas based on the PIFA technology. It require no GND cutout and are well suited for efficient mass production by pick and place/reflow soldering.

– Very high efficiency
– Frequency stability
– Isotropic radiation properties
– Mixed polarization
– Space saving features

Niche Series

The Niche series is a Proant patented PCB integrated antenna concept available through licensing. Its cost effectiveness makes it suitable for high volume projects . It is available in various frequencies.

– Great efficiency
– Frequency stability
– Great suitability for potting or coating
– Freedom of placement on the PCB

Markets and Success stories

Proant supplies great wireless connectivity to an increasing number of leading businesses on multiple markets, such as:

Success stories

Find embedded antennas for a variety of IoT applications.
Our embedded antennas will connect your wireless devices with superior performance and speed.

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