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InSide™ 434 MHz Antenna

Part Number: PRO-IS-265

Antenna covering the ISM band from 433 – 434.75 and 868 – 870 MHz. The antenna is designed for inside mounting on non-conductive surfaces such as plastic and the antenna includes adhesive for attaching.

InSide 434 is a ground plane dependent antenna including 10 cm coaxial cable with U.FL connector The antenna might need to be retuned to give optimum performance.

Please contact ProAnt or distributor for tuning offer.

✔  Automated Meter
✔  Telemetric
✔  M2M-communications
✔  Alarms

Frequency:   433 - 435, 865 - 870 MHz
VSWR: <3:1 (on ProAnt demo box)    
Gain: Max 3 dBi    
Dimension: 8 x 86 mm, thickness 1 mm    


Adhesive tape    


10 cm coaxial with MHF (U.FL) connector
(other options upon request)


-40 to +85⁰ C



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