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OnBoard™ SMD 868/915 Antenna

Part Number: PRO-OB-471

Small antenna for embedded products on the 868 or 915 MHz ISM bands.

Get your 3D file (STEP) of the antenna by sending us a request. Please state the antenna part number in the message.

Proant offers professional support, guidance, and advice for optimized implementation of our antennas. Please see Services and support – Proantantennas for specifications of services.

Contact Proant or distributor for tuning or radiation measurement offer. Brief technical reviews of your design, including Gerber reviews, are free of charge.


The OnBoard SMD concept offers features like:

✔  SMD compatibility

✔  Tape & reel packing

✔  Low loss material

✔  PCB on-ground implementation

✔  Simple fine tuning by matching network

✔  RoHS compliance

✔  Low cost

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