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OnBoard™ SMD Antenna

The OnBoard™ SMD antenna is a surface mounted sheet metal antennas based on the PIFA technology. It require no GND cutout and are well suited for efficient mass production by pick and place/reflow soldering.

> Very high efficiency
> Frequency stability
> Isotropic radiation properties
> Mixed polarization
> Space saving features

OnBoard™ SMD 2400 Antenna

OnBoard™ SMD 2400 Mini Antenna

OnBoard™ SMD WLAN Antenna

OnBoard™ SMD GNSS GPS Antenna

OnBoard™ SMD 868/915 Antenna

Onboard™ SMD 868+2400 MHz Antenna


OnBoard™ SMD 434

OnBoard™ SMD 169 MHz Antenna

OnBoard™ SMD GSM/3G Antenna

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